The Book Midwife warmly welcomes Xlibris to the world of Book Coaching

It is great to see that a major partnership/cooperative publishing company like Xlibris has recognized the benefits of helping people to create great books faster.

Wrongly categorized as ‘self-publishing’, companies such as Xlibris actually can add a lot of value for aspiring authors. These companies don’t leave the author to sort the publishing out him- or herself. They are a professional alternative to an amateur trying to put all the pieces together, which often results in less-than-inspiring books and costly mistakes. If you have ever read a poorly thought-out, poorly designed or error-ridden book – and possibly thrown that book across the room in exasperation as I have – then you will be pleased there are people trying to improve the situation.

The ultimate value-added service is getting help planning and writing the book, which ironically is the where most authors think they are on their own. Help is at hand, and has been for a long time. The Book Midwife company, for example, has already helped over 300 aspiring authors get their ideas into excellent manuscripts, typically in less than a quarter of the time the average author spends struggling to write a mediocre book.

Having surveyed thousands of aspiring authors over the years, we have found that most people never even start a book, and over half of those that do start, quit after months or even years of trying and failing to get their thoughts into a sensible and viable format. How sad is that?

Here at The Book Midwife, we look forward to collaborating with Xlibris and all other professional cooperative publishing companies, to raise the standard of the industry by raising the overall standard and quality of new books.

And so many more of the millions of aspiring authors out there will finally get to realize their dream of holding not just a book, but an excellent book, in their hands.