About Us

The Book Midwife® is a book coaching company founded in 2002 by multi-award-winning entrepreneur Mindy Gibbins-Klein. Since its inception, the company has helped over one thousand individuals with their book projects, with over 1000 already in print!

The philosophy of the company is that “Every book deserves to be written and published”. Having spent ten years trying to write and publish her first book, Mindy created a process to help aspiring authors get their books done better and faster, and with more clarity and confidence.

In 2005, the company registered The Book Midwife® as a global trademark, securing its special place in the coaching and personal development world.

 In 2010, The Book Midwife® began training and certifying Licensed Practitioners who coach clients according to the proven methodology that has helped so many people get their book out of their head and into print.

To read even more about The Book Midwife®, our history and our successful author clients, enjoy our 20th Anniversary Special Edition of Brand You Magazine below!


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