Success Stories

Don't take our word for it

Here are a few of the clients we’ve worked with to deliver the highest quality books quickly and easily. If you have any questions about any of our clients and their books, simply contact us and we’d be happy to answer them.

Eddie Yu, Startup Success Secrets
Dr. Yvonne Thompson, 7 Traits of Highly Successful Women on Boards
Ray Edwards, I’m Still Standing
Charlie Lawson, The Unnatural Networker
Samina Ali, Pearls Within
Angela J Spencer, Babyopathy
Dawn Cummins, Message of Love
Sandi Klein, Realtor Rescue
Tony Jeton Selimi, A Path to Wisdom
Rita Ese Edah, Beauty’s Story
Diana Barden, Post-Traumatic Success
Abi Holgate, The Zest Formula
Clayton John Ainger, The Ego’s Code
Lottie Hearn, Confidence on Camera
Aine Alam, Teach Don’t Tell
Cathy Lasher, Better Thinking for Better Results
David Adams, Well-Versed
Russel King & Steve Glowinkowski, Strategy People Implementation
Tim Prizeman, The Thought Leadership Manual
Susan Feehan, How to Write Well
Shirley Soodeen, The Business of People
Deborah Heath, Interior Design Secrets
Richard Morris, Givenomics
Tiffany Kemp, Deal Makers
Paul J. Siegenthaler, Perfect M&As
Patricia Orlunwo Ikiriko, You Can Be Richer Than Your Parents
Marinda Seisenberger, EXPAT The Easy Way
Floyd Carlson, Conscious Leadership in Action!
Angela Middleton, How To Get Your First Job And Build The Career You Want
Sarah Lane, Choices From Confusion to Clarity
Sue Vizard, Jump Start
Anne Mulliner, Empowered!
George Hardwick, Creative Uprising
Simi Prasad, Out There
Jeremy Lazarus, Ahead of the Game
Silas J. Lees, As Safe as Houses
Kevin Shakespeare, Trade for Good
Leon Aarts, Feeding People
Junior Ogunyemi, How to Be a Student Entrepreneur
Antony Welfare, The Retail Handbook
Ann Core Greenberg, How to Keep Your Child Out of Special Education
Oni Bhattacharya, Jobhunting Toolkit
Jean-Pierre de Villiers, 77 Ways to Reshape Your Life
Andrew Sillitoe, Managing the Mist
Shirley Chrichton, Let Your Genie Out
Tamsen Garrie, The Act of Attraction
Kathryn Lovewell, Every Teacher Matters
Karen Moxom, The NLP Professional
Simon Zutshi, Property Magic
Mike Symes, Light Your Firebrand
Guy Anastaze, Authentic Selling
Tessa Niles, Backtrack
Vanessa Vallely, Heels of Steel
Marina Pearson, Goodbye Mr Ex
Bryony Thomas, Watertight Marketing
Jenny Garrett, Rocking Your Role
Chris Merrington, Why Do Smart People Make Such Stupid Mistakes
Don Hales & Derek Williams, WOW! Thats What I Call Service!
Rob Brown, How to Build Your Reputation
Patricia Orlunwo Ikiriko, The Successful Student