Blah blah blah brag brag brag

I have been trying to inspire and empower people to showcase themselves and promote their great ideas and books, but how much bragging is acceptable and how much is too much?

Some people in my network promote themselves all the time and it is getting a bit tedious. I feel like shouting ‘Don’t you realize how you come across?!’ I think I will have to ‘unfriend’, ‘unfollow’ and disconnect a few of them.

Lately I have had to tell several of my clients to post more information and content, and fewer sales pitches. One of them asked me what the ratio should be and I suggested 30/70 – that is, 30 percent sales to 70 percent good, valuable content. But is that the right ratio?? That just felt like the right proportions to me, and I would not get annoyed with someone who occasionally boasts about their achievements, if most of their posts add value.

What do you think? Please suggest the ‘perfect proportions’ so that I can advise my clients and help to create a more valuable networking experience for everyone.

2 thoughts on “Blah blah blah brag brag brag”

  1. This is a great question Mindy. I tweet keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Office and a few other tips. It gets a great response and then when I post about courses etc, my followers are happy to repost retweet and share. I think your 70/30 ratio sounds about right to me.

    Thanks for asking a great question.

  2. Mindy – I think your probably about right at the maximum of 30% sales – but that might be a bit toppy. For me it’s about joining in the conversation – not just output – so it should be a dialogue ideally whether on linked in facebook or twitter. Social media helps keep you front of mind with your prospects and build rapour so they know like and trust you!!

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