You Want to Write a Book, But…

Perhaps you’ve thought about writing a book?

Or you know someone who has written and published their book? and it’s made you think about doing the same.

You even get excited about the idea.

And THEN you have some or ALL of these thoughts:

– I have so many ideas but where do I start?

– Will my book be interesting and unique enough?

– Am I a good enough writer and will it get published?

– Will people read it and like it?

Or, you’ve already started a book and you have some of these thoughts:

– This is hard

– I have writers block

– I don?t have enough time

Stop there! This is quite NORMAL, this is where everyone starts.

There is GOOD news for you.

I have found that ALL of my authors say the same thing:

– When you work with the right people

– And use a good process which is fun and easy to follow

It makes writing a book a REALITY.

My obsession with helping authors fulfill their dreams has created something NEW.

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