Why too many creative ideas could actually lose you business

When it comes to entrepreneurship, it can be tempting to move swiftly from one idea to the other. But?entrepreneurs need to?put the brakes on their creativity and enjoy the success of projects one at a time before moving on to their next challenge.

A simple recognition of one?s success, and even a celebration, can have a greater impact and ROI than just about anything else.?Just by concentrating on one project at a time not only will you give yourself a well deserved pat on the back, but also people will also remember you for that particular specialism.

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One of the greatest periods of learning from any project or venture is the reflective period at the end. Many people?move too quickly onto the next exciting challenge without learning everything they needed to from their previous project, something which could hamper the success of future efforts.

Basking in the good feelings that come from seeing the achievement of a personal challenge and goal can be extremely energising. ?It can also be stimulating to the existing business, as well as any new projects as you can clearly see from the end looking back what worked and what didn?t, as well as what things you?d do differently next time. ?Finally, the ripple effect as you infect others with your celebratory mood becomes contagious, and the entire organisation becomes more positive and productive.

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