The publishing industry is so unfair

George W Bush is about to write a book (yeah, right) and Sarah Palin gets a $7M advance for her book? I can’t take this! I have so many wonderful, talented clients with important messages to share and they are creating amazing books every day.

Why does celebrity have to rule my industry? Why?

OK – enough crying. What can we do about it? I am looking for phenomenal, creative thought leaders to help redress the balance. You connect me with someone you know that has a great idea for a book, and I will help them get a fabulous plan together, hold their hand through the whole process as they write their excellent book twice as fast as the average first-time author, and together we will make a superb launch and marketing plan to get them the recognition they deserve. I can’t promise they will get a $7M advance (or any advance, in fact). But I can promise that they will have the best possible book they can write at this time and they will make a big splash with it.

Let’s get the REAL thought leaders in this world some results with a hard-hitting book. And I promise to stop crying about the unfairness in the publishing industry…