A question of HOW to Reach your Audience

So now we come to the question of HOW to REACH your audience.

There are indeed so many ways, but here is a good look at the best, tried and tested, techniques. Where you can have the biggest impact in the shortest time.


Networking is important, in fact it’s crucial. When people don?t see you, they forget about you. Remember that old adage, out of sight, out of mind? This could be worrying if your competitors are still out there meeting new people. Great leaders use networking to their advantage and they stick to these three important pointers so they get it right:

  • While networking, get your best message across. You need to respond to the inevitable question? What do you do? with a concise 60-second answer. The golden rule here is less is more.
  • Meet the right people, and remember networking isn’t selling. You should use a networking event to find common ground with others, and business may (directly or indirectly) can come later.
  • Look after the relationships you already have. And, nurture the new relationships you build at networking events. When you have found a common ground, follow up with these new contacts. Don’t get swamped with meeting people just for the sake of it.

This advice pertains to networking in person, or online (social media)? You may think they are very different, and indeed there are some nuances which you need to remember.? But for many people who will never get to meet you face to face, the online or social media experience needs to be as positive as possible!

A note about your online network:

  • Don’t connect with people just for the sake of increasing numbers. Would you approach someone at a networking event and simply say, let’s exchange business cards before walking off?? Quality is infinitely more important than quantity. Thanks to Andy Lopata (www.lopata.co.uk) for this reminder!

Writing and Publishing

Of all marketing strategies out there, writing and publishing achieves the greatest reach. Of course I’m going to say that! But it’s true, how else are you going to get your message out, even if you’re an accomplished networker or a successful speaker, you can’t reach your whole potential market in person. If you want to get known, you absolutely must be writing and publishing because it is with books and other products that Thought Leaders instantly catapult themselves into the mass market.

When I talk about books, I am talking about the whole spectrum. Yes, a hard copy is great but you also need to be thinking about writing blogs, feature articles and ebooks as well. Each one has a different purpose and each one needs to be handled differently. With that, they all support each other and reinforce the material you produce. But I believe it is only with a printed book that you can achieve your goals of credibility and authority.

Don’t Forget Public Speaking

Speaking is a natural way to assert your position as an authority on your topic. What you need for success is a clear message, absolute passion and conviction in getting that message out to your audience. The best speakers have a rock-solid belief in themselves, their organization and their key messages.

You should consider using public speaking while writing so you can gauge your audience’s feedback. Seeing the way people react to your spoken words is instant while the reaction to your written word, whether it be via email, comments, or clicking through to your other material, is far different. With speaking added to the mix, you get a variety of feedback so you can continuously refine your message delivery.

Another idea?

Have you considered making videos? You can make them in the comfort of your own home and have them professionally recorded and edited. Using your online resources this is a great alternative medium to reach people.

And a final note

Ensure that there is a consistent message, style, tone and personality throughout all of your communications written, spoken or even on video. This is absolutely vital. If you need help and support with any of this, especially your thought leadership and content strategy that is what we do! Get in touch and we will help you get some great results!