Lessons from Anthony Robbins Wealth Mastery

This past week I was privileged to be a senior leader at the Wealth Mastery event in London. Seeing the amazing presenters and getting a refresher on wealth-building strategies is always great, and this time it was even more exciting as my client Simon Zutshi took the stage for a session on Property. This is the first time Property has been discussed in the UK for a long time and Simon was in his element. He is currently updating some of the information in his bestselling book Property Magic to reflect the current economic climate and lending issues. He is also working on another book.

Personally, I loved helping the 46 people in Team 3 (Prosperous Minds) to have the best possible experience and step into their wealth. It occurred to some of us that wealth really does encompass a lot more than just money, and it is worth thinking about all the areas in our lives that we feel ‘wealthy’, especially at times like these.