Is a high profile worth anything?

Earlier today, I posted that I’d been contacted by the team of a major superstar and there was a fantastic opportunity for up to 5 of my high profile clients to participate as well.

Anticipating a flood of responses, I explained I had to use some criteria to choose whom to work with: Large (1000+), engaged network on several platforms, a published book, speaking professionally, and a Klout score of 60+.

I had a number of people contact me about this, but early on in the thread, a couple of people suggested it was an April Fool’s joke, and the responses ground to a halt.

Looking at my phone in between meetings, I thought, ‘How interesting. How interesting that people are willing to give up hope so fast, when faced with comments and doubt from others who want to sound smart.

Turns out it was an April Fool’s prank! Sorry if you got your hopes up, but please know that I and many of my colleagues get requests like this all the time (really!) and if you are well-positioned with a good profile, and on our radar, you will have a big edge over others.

In this example, the criteria listed are some of the exact ones I use to determine things like collaborations, book deals and general business opportunities. So, would you have made the cut, if it has been real?

And well done to those who guessed that it wasn’t a real opportunity this time, but I would ask you one question. Why were you so quick to spoil the fun? It would have been easy for you to sit with that thought and not say anything, but rather let the thread grow as it was meant to.

Are you the person who is always trying to look clever and show what they know? Or are you the person who allows someone’s doubt to become your doubt, and stop you going for something you really want? What if this had been a real chance at some exposure for you and your business, but you took the cynical view and missed it?

I know I aim not to be either of those, but I don’t always succeed! Anyway, my experiment didn’t get the result I was hoping for, but it was an interesting one nonetheless!

Happy April Fool’s Day! 🙂