The Book Retreat Experience

Our Book Writing Retreats, the very beginning of the 90-Day Book Writing Program, have brought together many people from many different spheres, from property investors to sports coaches, from new mums to marketing managers. All come together with the shared aim of getting their ideas down in the most efficient and coherent way and producing their best book possible.

At the latest retreat Penny Samuels, a Clinical Hypnotherapist from Devon, started her book writing journey. She shares her experience here.

BM: Can you tell us more about what you do for a living?

PS: I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I specialise in Weight Loss and Trauma (such as PTSD and extreme phobias), although I treat a huge range of problems both physical and emotional.

BM: What has inspired you to write a book?

PS: I have had the ideas sloshing around in my head for a long time, because I knew I could write the sort of practical, down-to-earth guide to help people change their minds about the whole weight loss thing and start at the start rather than at the end, with a diet, as most people do and fail. I never started it because I didn’t know how to go about it.

BM: Have you been thinking about writing a book for a long time?

PS: It’s something I’ve wanted to do for about 15 years.

BM: How did you find the retreat?

PS: I enjoyed it immensely. Most weekends I have away on any kind of course are with fellow therapists, and although there were several therapists at Mindy’s retreat, it was lovely to mix with people from all manner of occupations. The Dinner was a particularly nice touch.

BM: Is it what you expected? Were you surprised by anything at the retreat?

PS: I hate preconceptions, so I didn’t go with any. Therefore I took everything as it came. I was only surprised by one thing?the lovely portfolio Mindy supplied.

BM: Was there a particular exercise or session over the two days that really helped?

PS: I don’t think there was a particular exercise or session that really helped any more than others because they were all so good and thought-provoking. For me, it was also about the small but very important nuggets that came my way through the entire weekend, such as “Do the thinking before the writing”, and “Don’t ask questions, make statements”.

BM: How has it helped you with your book project?

PS: Without it, the ideas would still be where they’ve been for the past 15 years inside my head. So there wouldn’t be a book without Mindy.

BM: Lastly, the BIG question. 6 weeks on, how is the book going?

PS: The book writing is going splendidly. By tomorrow evening I shall have finished writing the first draft (around 75,000 words), then I need to edit/proof it. There’s just one problem? drawing upon various things I’ve already written (for clients over the years, blogs, newsletters, editorials etc.) I’ve realised I have sufficient material for TWO books!

Well done Penny! We look forward to your upcoming book.

You too can achieve this. The next Book Writing Retreat is March 21st.