Audacious April – Days 4-7

Now I’m feeling upset and feeling like cheating. Now I’m feeling what my author clients feel when they have to produce lots of writing every week.

Except this is not lots of writing. This is simply getting a daily offer out to the market every day in April. Offers that I have already planned and that are really exciting. But for one reason or another, including a great session with a new private client yesterday, I didn’t get my offer out. And now we have plans this weekend so I won’t be able to post a new offer every day.

So, today’s offer is valid for the next three days. And it is a repeat of the amazing Online Course offer, with the same, great, never-to-be-seen-again discount! Get my complete online ‘Write and Publish Your Book – Step by Step’ course for just $33 instead of $199, this weekend only!

Go get your copy NOW and write your book with confidence:

Have a great weekend!