Are you a weak sun?

Just yesterday, I was reading a book where the author used the phrase ‘the sun shone weakly’.? I liked the sound of that, very poetic. When I looked up at the sky this morning, I thought I saw the exact representation of a weak sun.? If you stare at the middle of the photo, you can just about see the sun.

But then I thought about it some more and realized that the sun is not shining weakly.? It is shining just as strongly, only there are clouds (many clouds!) blocking it.? So I decided that I don’t like that phrase after all!? In fact, I think it is misleading, unhelpful and quite disempowering.?

We all have times when we seem to ‘shine weakly’ but sometimes it is just that there are a bunch of things clouding our vision and others’ vision of us.

Where in your life are you feeling like you are showing up weakly?? Feeling like you have failed or just can’t seem to get things moving the way you want?? Perhaps you are emanating strong energy and efforts, but you are being blocked by things outside of you. ?

So, what to do about it?? Well, first, I recommend you acknowledge and celebrate your efforts.? Too often we only acknowledge and celebrate results and we forget to take stock of all the great things we have done and are doing to achieve those results.? I think it’s perfectly acceptable to acknolwedge every little step along the way, and in fact we do that on all of our client programs.

Then, you need to look at the things that are standing between you and and your shining glory.? If it is a person, think about the specific outcomes you want, and then have the conversation that you need to have.? If it’s technology, figure out exactly what or who could help you get things done and make the call or buy the software.? If it is your environment, pick yourself up and move – even if it’s just across the room. ?

Feel the power of taking charge of things and moving forward.? Start sweeping those clouds aside so that people can see you shine.? Best of luck and let me know how you get on!