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Plan Your Bestselling Book

How to Create the Best Plan for a Bestselling Book

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Everyone has a book in them, apparently. And most people who want to write a book would love to see it become a bestseller.

In this dynamic course created by one of the world’s top book writing experts, you will learn the secrets many bestselling authors have used for maximum success.

Your bestseller starts with the best plan – one that will help you save time and effort and create a lot more success than if you left it to chance!

Congratulations on your enthusiasm for writing a book, and best of luck with it!

How to Write and Publish Your Book

Everything you need to know to get your book written, published and sold to your readers!

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Course description

Your book deserves to be written and published!
I have spent ten years helping more than 1000 authors do just that. Now it’s your turn. I’ll show you how to:

  • Plan Your Book
  • Write Your Manuscript
  • Apply Professional Editing Tools and Techniques
  • Get Published
  • Launch Your Sales Campaign
  • Promote Your Book to Your Readers.

Each step of the way includes plenty of examples, and I’ll be right here to answer your questions, and help make your dream of being published a reality.

If you follow every module, you will know EXACTLY what to do to plan, write and publish your book!

The Complete Aspiring Authors Club Planning and Writing Starter Kit

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Not sure which of our brilliant courses to get? Get two of our bestselling courses to help you plan AND write your book – taking you every step of the way through the process and answering all your big questions.

By getting the bundle, you save $115 and you benefit from over 6 hours of knowledge – all of Mindy’s best guidance and advice to help you write a great book fast!

And, as with all of our courses, if you ever upgrade to private or group coaching with The Book Midwife, we will credit 100% of your previous investment (including this bundle) to any of our programs!

Get started on your best book today!

The Complete Aspiring Authors Club Planning and Writing Starter Kit includes these courses

– How to Write and Publish Your Book
– Plan Your Bestselling Book

How to Be a REAL Thought Leader

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Are you a thought leader? How do you know?

In the past, it has been hard to identify the qualities that distinguish true innovators from the rest of the pack. This course presents a systematic approach to becoming a ‘Real Thought Leader’ and gaining recognition and credibility.

Discover the 4 key attributes of Real Thought Leaders
Create your own ‘Thought Leadership Strategy’ and stand out from the pack
Build your credibility and profile and leave a lasting legacy for the next generation

The course outlines what a REAL Thought Leader is – a person who is bold, has innovative ideas, knows how to promote and share them and who makes the best of the recognition (fame, wealth, growth, reputation) that accompanies.

The course is based on Mindy’s bestselling book 24 Carat Bold and teaches the entire methodology using the acronym REAL, which stands fro Reach, Engagement, Authority, and Longevity.

People have paid up to $2000 to attend the live version of this course. Having it available and accessible for just $185 is part of our commitment to help even more people reach their thought leadership potential.

Get this course if you want to become a true leader in your field!